Four Day Foundation School in Mathematics for Undergraduates

20-23 November,  2019

Funded by KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala
Organised by
Kerala School of Mathematics jointly with Department of Mathematics, Govt. College Kasaragod


OBJECTIVES:  There is a general feeling among the Mathematicians that a very few students from Kerala find a place at the National Institutes like the TIFR, IISc, HRI,  IMSc, ISI,  CMI,  IITs, IISERs and the NISER to take up research in Mathematics. As an attempt to address these problems, the KSoM is organizing many programs for students from all over Kerala.  At least some of the talented and motivated students from Kerala are to be groomed under these Programs. The KSoM is organizing one such program jointly with the Dept. of Mathematics, Govt. College Kasaragod, for students from Kasaragod District.
The objective of our program is to provide a solid foundation in core courses to enable the students to enjoy Mathematics and develop an interest in research and teaching at the higher level.


About the Program: This program is to reach out to students of Kasaragod District doing B.Sc. or M.Sc. in mathematics. Interested candidates are encouraged to fill the registration form and send it by email to maths@gck.ac.in. Lunch would be provided. No travel support or accommodation will be provided for the participants.


Registration: 9.00 am - 9.30 am  on 20th November 2019
Venue : College Seminar Hall        

Registration form available here


    1. 1. A. J. Jayanthan, Goa University
    2. 2. M. Kunhanandan, Goa University
    3. 3. Prof. M. S. Balasubramani, former Head of Mathematics, Calicut University
    4. 4. Murali Krishnan, NIT, Calicut
    5. 5. Ali Akbar K, Central University of Kerala
    6. 6. V. B. Kiran Kumar, CUSAT
    7. 7. Akhilesh P, KSoM, Calicut



  1. 1. Linear Algebra
  2. 2. Real Analysis
  3. 3. Topology
  4. 4. Abstract Algebra
  5. 5. Algorithms

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Dr. P Akhilesh
Assistant Professor
Kerala School of Mathematics
Tel: 0495 2809012


Local Co-ordinators

Dr. Mubeena T.,

Head, Dept. of Mathematics,

Govt. College Kasaragod

Ayishath Fasna T. P.,

Assistant Professor

Dept. of Matheamtics

Govt. College Kasaragod