One day celebration in connection with National Mathematics Day

21 December,  2019

Kerala School of Mathematics


KSoM Open Day is a one-day open celebration intended for school students and teachers to enhance their experience of learning Mathematics. This program includes various events which are explained in detail below.

    1) Demonstration and exhibition of Geometrical chart and Still model.

    50 each for Geometrical chart and Still model, students selected across Kerala will be invited for the program and they will be demonstrating and exhibiting the methods and concepts involved in the making.

    2) Demonstration and exhibition of teaching aids in mathematics.

    10 selected teachers from all over Kerala who are experts and show their talents in the State Mathematics fair will be invited for the program and will demonstrate and exhibit teaching aids.

  1. 3) An induction program for Math Olympiad :

30 selected High School students all over Kerala are invited for participating in an induction program for Maths Olympiad.

  1. 4) Seminar for U.P and HS students :

60 U.P students and 50 HS from all over Kerala will be invited for attending a seminar lead by Dr. E. Krishnan. (SCERT), KUNHABDULLA, Ubaidullah.

5) Quiz and various other academic programs:

    A math quiz consisting of students. To motivate and gear up their inquisitiveness, the student coming up with the right answer first will be rewarded. 

    6) Puzzle Hut: Fun games and puzzles based on math presented by both students and parents. Winners with highest points will be rewarded.

    7) Cultural Program (GANITHA KATHAKALI)

    A Kathakali program narrating an episode from Leelavathi: Bhaskaracharya presented by a group of Mathematics teachers from Ganitha Vidyalaya is being planned later in the evening. This program is a rare confluence of Science and art. Bhaskaracharya (Bhaskara II) has contributed significantly to the mathematical and astronomical knowledge in the 12th century and has been called the greatest mathematician of the era. The play chronicles, in an eloquent manner, various Mathematical questions were thrown at his daughter Leelavathi by Bhaskaracharya which, in turn, is answered by her. This story sheds light on the rich mathematical legacy that has prevailed in the country and is bound to motivate young minds.

Funded by: 
Supported by a Ganitha Vidyalayam (High School Teachers group)

Interested students and teachers can register here.

Dr. Akhilesh P
Assistant Professor
Kerala School of Mathematics
For more Details
Contact :Roopesh (9847205 468),Shajahan (9048588939)