• An activity to find and support mathematical talent among high school students in the country.
  • An activity undertaken by the National Board for Higher Mathematics (NBHM) in collaboration with the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education, Mumbai.

Stage 1:  
Regional Mathematical Olympiad (RMO) held in each region.
Eligibility: All High School students upto XII.
Held between September and December each year.

Stage 2:  
Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO)
Eligibility: Students selected on the basis of RMO from different regions.
Held on the first Sunday of February each year.
Top 30-35 performers receive a certificate of merit from NBHM.

Stage 3:  
International Mathematical Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC).
Eligibility: Top performers in INMO who received certificate of merit from NBHM.
Held during May-June.

Stage 4:  
International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)
The team selected at the end of IMOTC will represent India in the IMO.


KSOM and the Mathematical Olympiad

KSOM aims to participate in the Mathematical Olympiad activity of NBHM by spotting the mathematical talent in Kerala schools.

Select 50 mathematically talented students of class VIII with the help of the mathematics teachers of each school.  Prepare these 50 students during vacations and holidays at KSOM upto their class XII, to write the RMO.
Resourse persons: KSOM staff and invited professors.



KSOM conducted a screening test for RMO Training programme for class VIII students on 25-11-2012 and for Class IX students on 14-07-2013. 41 students selected for the training programme for 2013-14. KSOM conducted its first RMO training programme on 21st and 22nd September, 2013.

The second contact programme of the RMO training conducted at KSOM from 31st March (Monday) to 5th April (Saturday), 2014.  

List of Selected Candidates

@2010 Kerala School of Mathematics