KSoMTNP-Registry for Teachers

The KSoM Talent Nurture  Programme has in it an opportunity for the Mathematics Teachers from Colleges  and Universities from Kerala,  interested in the programme,  to take up a creative role in the mission.  They could be tutors during the contact sessions .  Also, they could serve as mentors for the students admitted for the programme.  With these objectives we are creating a registry of the Mathematics Teachers from colleges and Universities in Kerala.  Those interested to be a partner in the endeavour and willing to spend at least five days as tutors every year during the conduct of the programme, are welcome to join the Registry.  

We are also planning to conduct orientation programmes for registered teachers, with academicians having rich experience on the conduct of the MT&TS programme as Faculty.  We would also like to assign students selected from their own institutions or from nearby institutions for mentoring.
Those interested please apply on line  for joining the group, at the earliest.  There is no last date for sending in the registration request.