Kerala School of Mathematics Talent Nurture Programme (KSoMTNP)

The Kerala School of Mathematics Talent Nurture Programme (KSoMTNP) is an outreach project conceived by the Kerala School Mathematics, Kozhikode, with the objective of identifying and nurturing talented students to strengthen their foundations in Mathematics to enable them evolve in to outstanding Mathematicians and Teachers.


In the Nutshell…

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There is a general feeling among the Mathematicians that not many students from Kerala find a place at the National Institutes like the TIFR, IISc, HRI,  IMSc, ISI,  CMI,  IITs ,IISERs, and the NISER to take up research in Mathematics. One can easily identify several reasons for this. However, there are no quick solutions to these problems. This project is an attempt to address these problems. At least some of the talented and motivated students are to be groomed under this Program.
With about 10,000 students opting to do graduation in mathematics in Kerala, every year, it is reasonable to expect that at least 5% of them are talented to take up research and teaching at the higher level.  Our initiative through this project is to address this section of the students, by providing the top 50-60 students among them intensive training over a period of 4 years, while these selected students undergo their normal course of study at their institutions. The KSoM will take the initiative to take up this challenging task through vacation contact programmes.
In Kerala, the summer vacation for the colleges begins on 1st April and ends on 31st May every year.  On the other hand, most of the summer training programmes in the country begins sometime in the second half of May and goes on up to the second half of June.  Therefore, the Kerala students can attend them only if they forgo the first few weeks of their regular classes, and many of them are forced to forego such opportunities.  This has motivated the KSoM to design the project KSoMTNP, with FOUR YEAR duration, as a regular ongoing programme of the School to train the Mathematics students, mostly from Kerala, at the Graduate and Post-graduate level.

The theme of the program is  ”HOW TO SOLVE IT?”, borrowing it form the title of the famous book by G. Polya.
Every year 50-60 students will be admitted to the FIRST YEAR of the programme, selected on merit from among the students who have entered second year of the B Sc, with Mathematics as their Main subject.  To begin with, the selection will be based on the past performance of the students in Mathematics in classes X, XI, XII, First semester of the Degree programme, and the recommendations from their teachers in a specified format. (Later on, once the programme gets stabilized, we may introduce an entrance test for the selection.)  The selection process will be completed by November 15, every year.  The selected students will be put through their Foundation Course of SIX contact days during their CHRISTMAS VACATION.  This will be followed by a Summer training programme of FOUR WEEKS duration, sometime during April & May. Then those who have completed the FISRT YEAR, successfully, move over to the SECOND YEAR. On the successful completion of the SECOND YEAR they move over to the THIRD YEAR.  The contact programme will be for 6 days during the CHIRSTMAS vacation and then for FOUR WEEKS during the summer vacation.
The FOURTH YEAR PROGRAM will be for those who complete the THIRD YEAR successfully and will be of shorter duration. It will be for SIX DAYS each during the CHRISTMAS vacation.  These sessions are for Expository Lectures on Advances Topics by experts. This would be a rounding off of the training programme for every batch.
This is a FOUR YEARS program. We expect almost all those joining the First Year to continue for the entire FOUR YEARS. This is a firm resolve that we expect from the students joining the program. Such a commitment is essential for the students to get the full benefit of the program.
This is a PARALLEL PROCESSING of a select class of students while they undergo their regular undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Mathematics.  The emphasis will be on strengthening the Foundations, giving exposure to Mathematical concepts and training the students on the art of asking the right questions while solving problems. This is to be achieved through the mode of intense interaction of the students with the training faculty. The role of the faculty will be to raise relevant questions to keep the students on the right track while leaving them to solve the problems on their own.

A distinguishing feature of this program is the role created for the committed teachers to be a part of this programme. They are to be inducted as Tutors in the class room, supporting the anchoring Faculty and the students. This would facilitate intense interactions between the students and the Instructors giving closer attention to all the students. In addition to the anchoring Faculty, FOUR TUTORS are to be there in every class room during the conduct of the programme. Every committed teacher willing to devote a minimum of FIVE days in an year during the Program will be co-opted to serve as Tutors. It is expected that the experience they gain from it will be eventually taken to their class rooms making a positive impact on their teaching. At the end of the FOUR YEAR training for each batch we hope there will be about 40 - 50 students with strong Foundations motivated to take up research and teaching in Mathematics. In about ten years of the conduct of this program continuously it is expected to make a significant impact on the teaching and research in Mathematics, in KERALA.

This is conceived as a regular activity of the KSoM. The Director of the programme will be the Director of the KSoM. On account of the space and infrastructure constraints at the KSoM the second, third and fourth year programs are to be conducted at other institutions like the IIST, at Thiruvananthapuram, Central University at Kasaragod, CUSAT at Kochi or any College where facilities for the conduct of the programme and accommodation for the participants is available. Institutes or colleges with good facilities and infrastructure will be identified for this purpose, which is needed only when the program enters the Second Year. For the smooth conduct of the program the Director of the school has constituted a small committee of experts from within and outside KSoM. These experts shall constitute the Steering Committee to oversee the conduct of the programme. There will be a larger team of Experts as Faculty and a pool of committed teachers to serve as Tutors for the program.

Dr A B Anitha, Director i/c, KSoM, Chairman
Dr A K Vijayarajan, Associate Professor, KSoM
Dr A J Parameswaran, Professor, TIFR, Mumbai
Dr K S S Moosath, Professor, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram
Dr P K Sanjay, Assistant Professor, NIT, Calicut
Dr K Sandeep, Professor, TIFR-CAM, Bangalore
Dr K N Raghavan, Professor, IMSc, Chennai
Dr A J Jayanthan, Professor, GOA University
Dr K Vishnu Namboothiri, Assistant Professor, Directorate of Collegiate Education, Kerala

Dr. P Akhilesh, Assistant Professor, KSoM

Dr. Pranav Haridas, Assistant Professor, KSoM
Dr Vellat Krishna Kumar, Visiting Professor, KSoM

Plan for the Conduct of KSoMTNP

Year I 6 days 4 weeks II Year B.Sc./Integrated M.Sc.
Year II 6 days 4 weeks III Year B.Sc./Integrated M.Sc.
Year III 6 days 4 weeks I Year M.Sc./IV year Integrated M.Sc.
Year IV 6 days Advanced lectures II Year M.Sc./V year Integrated M.Sc.

1. Students who are in the second or third semester of B.Sc /Integrated M.Sc. in Mathematics in Colleges or Institutes, as on June 30, are eligible for applying for the KSoMTNP.
2. Selected students must be willing to spend
a. Six days during the CHRISTMAS HOLYDAYS (Last week of December) and
b. FOUR WEEKS during April – May.
Number of candidates to be admitted initially : 40 - 50
Date for the finalization of selection to Level I : November 15, every year.

1. Dr Vijayarajan, A K, KSoM
2. Professor Vellat Krishna Kumar, KSoM
3. Professor K Parthasarathy, Retd Director, Ramanujan Institute, Chennai
4. Professor M S Balasubramani, Adjunct Professor, Kannur University
5. Professor K S S Moosath, IIST, Thiruvananthapuram
6. Professor M N N Namboodiri, CUSAT, Kochi
7. Dr Vishnu Namboodiri, Kerala Government College Service
8. Professor A J Jayanthan, Goa University
9. Dr Sanjay P K, NIT, Calicut
10. Professor Sandeep K, TIFR-CAM, Bangalore
11. Dr Sarath Sasi, IIT, Palakkad
12. Dr Lakshmi, IIT, Palakkad
13. Dr Jayanarayanan, IIT, Palakkad
14. Dr Anoop, IIT, Madras
15. Dr Sumesh, IIT, Madras
16. Dr Kiran Kumar, CUSAT, Kochi
17. Dr Noufal, CUSAT, Kochi
18. Dr Mubeena, Govt College, Kasaragod
19. Dr Ali Akber, Central University, Kasaragod

20. Dr. P Akhilesh, Assistant Professor, KSoM

21. Dr. Pranav Haridas, Assistant Professor, KSoM

This list is by no means exhaustive, but only suggestive. The Steering Committee, as and when constituted, will be empowered to identify more faculties. No problems are anticipated in this regard.
Interested teachers can register their name here for including their name into our registry database.

First Year
Linear Algebra
Abstract Algebra
Number theory
Real Analysis

Second Year
Abstract Algebra
Lebesgue Integration Theory
Discrete Mathematics
Complex Analysis

Third Year
Analysis of Functions Several Variables
Functional Analysis
Abstract Measure Theory
Differential Equations
Algebraic Topology

Fourth Year
Lectures by Experts on Advanced Topics in Mathematics

Only selected topics from the areas indicated will be discussed. The emphasis will be on Problem Solving.

Online Registration for the KSoMTNP 2019 is closed.

Last date for submitting the applications: 20th October, 2019
Last date for receiving the recommendation: 26th  October, 2019
List of selected candidates will be published on: 22nd  November, 2019: List of confirmed candidates.

Prof. Vellat Krishna Kumar
Tel. No: 0495 2809005