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  • KSOM is planning to launch a new Short Term Discussion Meeting for a group of four persons from Colleges/Universities/Institutes.....
  • Kerala School of Mathematics, Kozhikode intends to purchase lndian as well as foreign books in Mathematics and allied subjects during the academic year 2014-15. Interested vendors are requested to enroll their names in the prescribed format.

    Last date for Enrollment is 10-04-2014 3PM
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    01-28 May, 2014
    Annual Foundation School (AFS)-II (2014)
  • The main objectives of AFS are to bring up students with diverse background to a common level and help them acquire basic knowledge in algebra, analysis and topology. This programme is organised by National Centre for Mathematics (NCM).
    Selected Applicants.
    28 July - 08 August, 2014
    MOCK MODULAR FORMS- A joint CIMPA-ICTP research school
  • The school will start with a  review of the theory of classical modular forms in one variable,  as background for  the advanced courses to follow on Mock theta functions, Mock modular forms and their application.